29 Aug

Chosen Salad Dressing

For the introduction of the a new product category, Chosen Foods partnered with San Diego-based branding agency COE Design to develop the new look for the label. The design team focused on the illustration style to be used across the salad dressing and marinade line. COE looked at various illustrators, and concluded one of Salzman International’s artists was right for the job. Denise Hilton-Campbell has a beautiful pencil and watercolor style that was perfect.

“With a watercolor based illustration technique, Denise was able to create the natural feel we were looking for as she added color to her initial pencil sketch” remarked Laura Coe Wright. “The client and I had a watercolor concept in mind as we set out to find the perfect presentation. Creating an appetizing  ‘charred’ chipotle pepper can be challenging.” For food, the packaging is often the only touch point a customer will see and form a first impression of your brand.

A key goal of these designs was to stay true to the existing brand while featuring the flavors of this exciting new product extension. As the line expanded, the labels were color coded to emphasize the four flavors available; chipotle ranch, orange balsamic, soy ginger and lemon garlic. With market shelves full of dressing options, the client agreed it was important to make a statement with the package design, specifically the illustration, to set it apart on shelf. Keeping the label clean and sparse allowed it to stand out on the shelf.

Chosen Foods is a San Diego company that has an obsession with avocados and is committed to bringing products you love to market. Package design is increasingly the difference maker in a consumer’s purchasing decision, and with food labels you are appealing to their desire for healthy, quality ingredients. Chosen Foods hit a home run on both of these with this successful product introduction.

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