Cornerstone Mortgage

Cornerstone Mortgage, a brick & mortar company, is a privately held California corporation that needed a brand refresh. After reviewing the existing brand, a new contemporary direction that better reflected the company’s philosophy was chosen. The project included the identity package, collateral and office signage as well as help with the marketing direction and repositioning of the brand.

The logo concept was based on the meaning of ‘Cornerstone’. The architectural meaning refers to a stone that forms the base of a building and connects two walls. For “the rock” or strong point for the building, we chose a visual of overlapping transparent squares to represent ‘building blocks’. This ties into the reality of building a new life with a new home loan. The green color palette was chosen because green symbolizes growth and harmony.

Since the rebrand, the company has grown from a small brokerage firm into a successful regional correspondent. Cornerstone recently introduced an online method with the ability to shop and compare interest rates with their guaranteed rate and clients can complete the entire loan process online.