The new brand introduction of Rest & Relief, began with naming the new mask product. The name, ‘Rest & Relief’ emphasizes the hot & cold therapy solution it provides.  OASIS® Medical, Inc., is dedicated to equipping eye care providers with cost-effective solutions to ensure quality patient care, improve practice management, and support practice growth. OASIS supplies dry eye products to eye care professionals that provide solutions to chronic conditions and make a meaningful difference in patients’ quality of life.

Also included in the introduction was the development of a new packaging structure design. The packaging is the first touch point a customer will see and form a first impression of your brand. Designed as a two-piece structure, the product is easily showcased and this design allows efficient product loading for assembly and shipping. The clear PETG box slides into a printed paperboard box allowing a clear view of the product while allowing sufficient space for product use, warnings and content copy on the paperboard structure. In the final design, we rotated the original package orientation because it fit the product and shelf better for display and stacking.

Oasis Rest and Relief