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Oasis New Brand and Packaging Rest and Relief


Introducing Rest & Relief’s New Brand and Packaging

For the introduction of Rest & Relief, Oasis partnered with San Diego-based branding agency COE Design to develop the new brand from scratch, including the product name, identity and the packaging structure design. COE Design created the brand identity and packaging to complement the existing product line, Oasis TEARS and Oasis LID & LASH. These products, previously designed by COE, are 2015 American Health + Wealth Design Award winners for the Oasis branding and packaging.

The branding project began with naming the new mask product. “We conceived the name, ‘Rest & Relief’ to emphasize the hot & cold therapy solution it provides. The mask is targeted to the dry eye market and can be used hot or cold to to relieve the effects of dry eye; such as sinus pressure, tension and swelling. Dry eye has become a common occurrence due to autoimmune diseases and side effects from medication as well as an aging population” explains Laura Coe Wright. A recent online poll revealed that nearly half (48 percent) of Americans age 18 and older regularly experience dry eye symptoms. Other sources estimate that nearly five million Americans age 50 and older have clinically significant dry eye syndrome, and dry eyes affect nearly twice as many women as men.

Even though the Oasis product is currently sold exclusively thru doctor’s office and on-line, the client agreed it was important to make a statement with the package design, specifically the structure. The packaging is the first touch point a customer will see and form a first impression of your brand.

Designed as a two-piece structure, the product is easily showcased and this design allows easy product loading for assembly and shipping. The clear PETG box slides into a printed paperboard box allowing a clear view of the product while allowing sufficient space for product use, warnings and content copy on the paperboard structure. In the final design, we rotated the original package orientation because it fit the product and shelf better for display and stacking. There are some things that can make a product package stronger and it is good to be flexible enough to rework the direction without sacrificing the original design concept.

COE Design is a multi-discipline design firm that specializes in the strategy of blending branding, structural packaging design, and packaging graphic design into a cohesive brand resource for clients. Many of our designs reduce material usage, produce innovative solutions and reduce costs. COE Design is passionate about creating smart solutions that help protect the planet.

OASIS® Medical, Inc., is dedicated to equipping eye care providers with cost-effective solutions to ensure quality patient care, improve practice management, and support practice growth. OASIS supplies high-quality surgical and dry eye products to eye care professionals that provide solutions to chronic conditions and make a meaningful difference in patients’ quality of life.

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