14 Aug

Packaging Design Award

COE Design was selected as a winner in the 2018 American Graphic Design Packaging Awards. GDUSA is a competition that celebrates well-designed graphics and also the power of design to advance the brand promise. Out of 2,000 entries from across the country, only 275 are being recognized with an award.

A Certificate of Excellence was awarded for the packaging design of the Chosen Foods Salad Dressing Family. For food, the packaging is often the only touch point a customer will see and form a first impression of your brand.

Chosen Foods partnered with San Diego-based branding agency COE Design to develop the new look for the label. The design team focused on the illustration style to be used for the introduction of the salad dressing and marinade line. COE looked at various illustrators, and found a watercolor artist who was right for the job. “With a watercolor based illustration technique, we were able to create the natural feel we were looking for as the artist added color to her initial pencil sketch” remarked Laura Coe Wright.

With market shelves full of dressing options, the client agreed it was important to make a statement with the package design, specifically the illustration. Keeping the label clean and sparse allows it to stand out on the shelf.

This award winning piece is also published in a 250 page Design Annual and can be viewed online at http://contests.gdusa.com/gdusa-contest-winner?cc=apda18&ids=0|111210&iy=&im=

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