17 Aug
WetSeat Corrugated Packaging Design

Corrugated – A Cost Effective Packaging Solution

WetSeat, a new start up created for active lifestyles, was referred to COE Design for packaging help when launching their new seat cover. They had decided to use a vendor in China, not only to supply the product, but to print the packaging as well. They just needed to provide a dieline and the art to the Chinese factory (in 3 weeks). Sounds easy, but if you have never created a product or packaging overseas, know there is always room for interpretation. You must be extremely clear, provide precise instructions and supply a perfect comp with your dielines. Coe’s 30+ years of experience has grown over the years by solving unexpected problems before they happen.

As a new business, money is always a concern and the client wanted to keep costs down as much as possible. 3DBox_final_wrapOriginally the client wanted a two color box showcasing their existing logo with a large window requiring a clear insert to protect the product. They also had a vision of a nice plastic handle to hang in stores and were very proud of the rendering a web designer created for them. It was a great idea, but very costly. We would love to design around this provided concept, but it was not a smart solution. Plus, they really did not have the budget or timeframe to do this design correctly.

Many clients overlook the option of redefining the product’s packaging design and materials to help cost. Improving and optimizing structural packaging design can not only save money, but it can also provide better product protection, a reduced carbon footprint and better shipping solutions This is such a critical step in the design process. Thinking about the structure in the beginning will save you from problems down the line. You may encounter potential headaches because of your vision, or possibly because you underestimated the importance of hiring a qualified packaging designer. Things like high shipping costs, damaged goods, unhappy customers, packaging redesigns and sourcing new materials can set you back when it happens later in production.

To determine the structure’s limitations and to minimize the packaging size, we first looked to the product to see how small it could actually be rolled to reduce the footprint and printing materials needed. We had to be realistic on what the factory in China could roll by hand keeping the logo in a consistent location for the diecut window. We also found the sturdy fabric was great and heavy – it should not be hung. At 5.8 lb, it would need to be stacked on a shelf to avoid a new set of problems.

COE wanted to design the packaging structure as a one-piece auto lock box that would save money not only in printing but also in production and assembly. We suggested printing directly on kraft corrugated E flute to further lower printing costs. By reducing the diecut window around the logo mark, we could eliminate the plastic window and still enable the consumer to touch & feel the sturdy material at a much better unit price.

Other successful packaging projects include Breg’s kraft hip brace shipper carton and product boxes using a bleached white corrugated for B2B as well as TaylorMade’s kraft product packaging and a direct-to-consumer promotional shipper.

COE has been printing one color on kraft for decades with positive results. Solid black ink on kraft is not only economical and has an environmental feel that is truly green, but allows the brand identity to be leveraged across the shipping cartons as well. Most shipping cartons are being printed with the company address and product information. Why shouldn’t these be designed to reflect the brand image as well? It is simply one more touch-point to reinforce your brand.

The WetSeat product is an easy to use strapless car seat cover designed to soak up extra moisture without letting any dirt, sand or moisture go through to the car seat. This product is especially useful for sports enthusiasts such as surfers, yoga practitioners, hikers and skiers. The client was extremely pleased with the final package results and received favorable reactions from surf shops and yoga studios up & down the California coast.

Great design and packaging can transform your new product into a viable brand. COE Design’s specialty in creating successful brands, emphasizes consistency across all print, digital and packaging touch-points for you and your product. We produce high-impact designs that make your packaging standout on shelf.

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