13 Jul
Pacifica Supply LTD and Design Perspective Lifestyle Brand Identity

Lifestyle Brand Identity

Pacifica Supply LTD and Design Perspective asked COE Design to collaborate on a new brand introduction. Pacifica Supply LTD’s Explorations in Leisure is a new lifestyle brand that brings heirloom-quality artisan products to selective consumers worldwide.

The new logo introduces the first in many unique leisure products to come, a copper mug. The client wanted the new identity to stand apart from the competition and work easily on future products. The logo is strong and able to be tastefully engraved on the product and also used as a graphic ‘stamp’ on printed materials. The design is flexible enough to be leveraged successfully across multiple products when expanding the brand.

Sold exclusively through Amazon, the copper mug is individually handcrafted by artisans using coppersmithing techniques passed down over generations. The strong identity compliments the quality of the artisan product and successfully promotes the lifestyle brand.

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